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18+ £1.50 per message, max 2 replies

Text SISSY to 69992

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18+ £1.50 per message, max 2 replies

Text SISSY to 69992

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18+ £1.50 per message, max 2 replies

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Text SISSY to 69992 for Sissy Chat

18+ £1.50 per message, max 2 replies

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The Legal Stuff

This is an adult chat service, texts cost £1.50 per message/max 2 sent,
messages sent at usual network rate.

Users must and have bill payers permission and be 18+ to access this service.

By opting in you consent to receive free
promotional messages until you opt out.

Exit the service by sending "STOP" to 69992

This is a Virtual Chat Service only
Dates/meets are not possible

Helpline 0800 471 4942

Service provider:
Textback121, Office 7, 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN